Wednesday, 16 October 2013

India Journeys – Different Trips, Enriching Experiences

Life is a journey and not a destination. Only those who take full pleasure in this journey evolve as lively and positive spirited individuals. Else the ones living in close compartments stagnate the opportunities to witness the world beyond their world. Such journeys inspire, instill confidence and make us a better individual. And if the journey is towards India, the joy and the pleasures of journeys multiply thousand times. This is not just because of the sheer size, but because of the variation in the travelling.Not all journeys are same in India. As mentioned in the previous post, Journey across India – a Land of Diversities, the country is seasoned with variety that inspires the tourists to continue exploring the destination differently. It is because of the diversity only that every journey to this country is dotted with a difference. This diversity is not just limited to the geography of the country, but also encompasses its culture, heritage, traditions, rituals, food and even way of life.
Any direction you move in India, you are sure to experience the vivid diversity of the country. Every region and direction here has its own set of beliefs, inclinations, cuisine, spices, clothing, etc. Also, it is impossible to categorize Indians by their racial origins. Being one of the world’s ethnically diverse countries, India’s social fabric features a complex collection of culture and traditions, beautifully weaving together different beliefs, languages and lifestyles. On the whole, the country looks like a collage of 28 mini countries unified under the leadership of India.These different Indian states make up for the different journeys in the country and provide a collection of rich and exhilarating experiences to the tourists. That is why it is recommended to discover India in installments with repeated tours. These frequent trips allow the tourists to soak in the best essence of the destination and not overwhelm them with more offerings in a single serving than expected.Also, these journeys allow tourists identify what they are seeking and inspire them to return India every year with renewed vigour. And instill a better understanding of the country with every trip. The India journeys
also introduce travellers to the region’s different facets and lure them to avail the multiple journeys to the country. These different trips introduce travellers to the country’s special features and enrich their mindsets about its diversity. 

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