Thursday, 7 November 2013

India Journeys - Travel for Fun and Excitement with a Difference

Whenever we think of travel, we don’t just think of the destination, but plan out the complete journey. We do this to make the entire travel experience worthwhile. As they say, it’s all about the journey and not the destination, which makes everyone, be it a backpacker or a luxuriant traveller concentrate on the experiential aspect of travelling. This intrinsic aspect of travelling makes tour full of fun and excitement. Also, it adds on to the memories of the trip.
In India, this concept of journey attains a distinctive edge, owing to the lot of opportunities present in the country. A lot of diversity in the country offers travellers a variety of travel options in a single trip. Along with it, the differential essence of each destination involved in travelling also adds on to the excitement and fun in the country.
Each direction here is equipped with bountiful destinations, offering travellers rich and exotic moments in the country. During this, they meet new people, acclimatize to new surroundings, observe novel rituals and customs and become a part of Indian lifestyle in the most welcoming way. This offers a first hand opportunity to a traveller to feel the country’s colourful culture in the most memorable way.
Also, they observe new dressing styles in the country, indulge in relishing colourful cuisines, enjoy the spectacular cultural performances and even participate in the fairs and festivals. All this makes a journey a more worthwhile experience.

To enjoy a journey more, they can even avail the train tour, road trip or river or backwater cruises. Even though these transport mediums are time consuming, still they present the traveller with the unique experience lasting for a lifetime. Committed to promote the exotic heritage and variety of travel in the country, India Journeys always offers rich and colourful insights and makes the tour worthwhile. As they say, the essence of a trip lies in the journey and the happy moments enjoyed, rather than reaching the destination.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

India Journeys – Different Trips, Enriching Experiences

Life is a journey and not a destination. Only those who take full pleasure in this journey evolve as lively and positive spirited individuals. Else the ones living in close compartments stagnate the opportunities to witness the world beyond their world. Such journeys inspire, instill confidence and make us a better individual. And if the journey is towards India, the joy and the pleasures of journeys multiply thousand times. This is not just because of the sheer size, but because of the variation in the travelling.Not all journeys are same in India. As mentioned in the previous post, Journey across India – a Land of Diversities, the country is seasoned with variety that inspires the tourists to continue exploring the destination differently. It is because of the diversity only that every journey to this country is dotted with a difference. This diversity is not just limited to the geography of the country, but also encompasses its culture, heritage, traditions, rituals, food and even way of life.
Any direction you move in India, you are sure to experience the vivid diversity of the country. Every region and direction here has its own set of beliefs, inclinations, cuisine, spices, clothing, etc. Also, it is impossible to categorize Indians by their racial origins. Being one of the world’s ethnically diverse countries, India’s social fabric features a complex collection of culture and traditions, beautifully weaving together different beliefs, languages and lifestyles. On the whole, the country looks like a collage of 28 mini countries unified under the leadership of India.These different Indian states make up for the different journeys in the country and provide a collection of rich and exhilarating experiences to the tourists. That is why it is recommended to discover India in installments with repeated tours. These frequent trips allow the tourists to soak in the best essence of the destination and not overwhelm them with more offerings in a single serving than expected.Also, these journeys allow tourists identify what they are seeking and inspire them to return India every year with renewed vigour. And instill a better understanding of the country with every trip. The India journeys
also introduce travellers to the region’s different facets and lure them to avail the multiple journeys to the country. These different trips introduce travellers to the country’s special features and enrich their mindsets about its diversity. 

Friday, 20 September 2013

Journey Across India – A Land of Diversities

India is a land of diversities. This seventh largest country in the world is bestowed with many facets that resonate with its splendour. This variety is not limited to a certain aspect in the country, but is present almost everywhere. These differences are visible in its history, geography, ethnicity, religions, beliefs, traditions, rituals, food, clothing, language and the list will go on. It might even overwhelm tourists and make them go breathless. This is the sheer wealth of its diversity that attracts the whole world towards this mini world.
Such a difference is not only visible in India’s culture, heritage and lifestyle, but its travel attractions are equally diverse, making it an inviting destination. Etched in fascinating contrasts, these attractions are equipped with great tourism potentials that can offer a rich, experiential view to the travellers.
In a single journey, a traveller can cover the best and the striking contrasts of the country, provided he has enough time to complete this challenging task. In the one direction, there are daunting Himalayas that are perfect cool retreats; and in the other, there are numerous beaches lining the peninsular south India, acting as a tropical holiday paradise. Westwards, there are surreal golden deserts that host a colourful spectacle of royal lifestyle. Towards the east, the country has in it the widespread green mountains to lure the mind and heart of a tourist.

Seems exciting, isn’t it? Yes, there are so many different things to see, do and experience here and it can be accommodated in a single trip. But wait. The country is too big to be covered in a single tour. We are not saying this. Many frequenters who’ve been to India often suggest the fellow travellers to take pleasure in this destination in portions. This is due to the fact that a single tour to India is more of a hurried attempt to cover up the country’s rich cultural, historical, geographical and natural wonders. And tourists who avail this mega task sort of miss out the essence of the destinations covered. The nation that has so much to offer, that it becomes a challenging task to cover the country’s so many facets. 
So what’s the solution then? There is a way out through which tourists can gain a full experiential view and soak in the verve of an Indian destination through theme based repetitive tours. These special tours are created keeping in mind the visitor’s comforts and convenience terms of movements and destination’s potentials. Also, these experiential journeys allow them to interpret India in their own way. Unbound by the usual packaged deals, these itineraries are open to the visitor’s ideas or expectations on how he wants to make a tour worthwhile.
Many travel and tour operators also suggest foreign tourists to avail one of its exclusive destination or theme based India tour for the best experience in the country. These special itineraries accommodate the best possible experiences associated with a destination and offer visitors make the most out of the journey.
Even the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India is also promoting the campaign with a tagline; ‘Find what you seek’ inspiring the travel aficionados to continue travelling repeatedly here and gain the best of the country’s many destinations.

Through these repeated tours, a tourist understands its essence and develops a fond appreciation for the country. This special range of India Journeys brings the best of this country’s nature, culture, heritage, adventure and wildlife. The comprehensive itineraries created in order to provide a great experience to a privileged wayfarer in India.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Reasons why a traveller should begin India Journeys

A journey to India has always fascinated a user and continues to do so with its extensively available travel options. Here, a traveller can experience the vivid holiday options based on its geography, nature, history, heritage, culture, cuisines, healing disciplines; making it a lucrative travel destination. At the same time, he / she can chill out at the Himalayas; delve in the depths of Thar Desert, venture in the dense forest covers, experience the tropical beach allure and even take benefits of eco-friendly holidays.

The multiple hues of the country are varied. But how to streamline the specific tour suiting a traveller’s need is an overwhelming task. It is almost impossible to complete the India tour in a single attempt. Experiential tours come as a savior in identifying and streamlining the best possible travel alternative to be taken in India.

It is because of these unique experiences that most of the travellers avail the repeated tours in finding what they seek. Their interests, passions and pursuits come alive during this special tour. These comprehensive journeys are experiential in nature; providing the best-kept experiences to the visitor in the colorful country. Bestowed with rich cultural heritage, this country is bestowed with the best of everything. Be it nature, heritage, adventure, spirituality, flora and fauna, peace; all can be experienced with a great zeal in this country. Such varied experiences awe-inspire, magnetize and instill a desire in a traveller to look out for experiential holidays in India.

In recent years, it has been noticed that there is a growing keenness among travellers. Thanks to the growing popularity of the Incredible India campaign. Due to this promotion, the travel enthusiasts keenly look out for experiential itineraries attuned to their specific interests, preferences and sophisticated palates.

To satiate this ever evolving traveller needs, many travel agencies and tour operators are providing exclusive itineraries in India. Driven by experiences, these special itineraries are completely different from the conventional tour packages. While planning these special journeys, efforts are invested to understand what the visitor wants and offer him the same streamlined travel option accommodating his interests. These travel agents are open to the visitors’ expectations and ideas of a journey in India should be and actualize the same set of ideas in the form of  India Journeys.

Unbound by the package deals, these inviting itineraries allow the visitors to be an active part of the culture and heritage of the Indian destination. These experiential travellers venture beyond the trodden paths and familiarize themselves with the amazing hospitality and intriguing cultural heritage of Indian destinations. Due to their open nature, these visitors actively become a part of local culture.
India Journeys invite the travellers for such a unique customized and liberated tour experiences on the Indian subcontinent. With the expertise on experiential tour packages, the agency takes a lead ahead in making a journey to India memorable in every right.