Friday, 20 September 2013

Journey Across India – A Land of Diversities

India is a land of diversities. This seventh largest country in the world is bestowed with many facets that resonate with its splendour. This variety is not limited to a certain aspect in the country, but is present almost everywhere. These differences are visible in its history, geography, ethnicity, religions, beliefs, traditions, rituals, food, clothing, language and the list will go on. It might even overwhelm tourists and make them go breathless. This is the sheer wealth of its diversity that attracts the whole world towards this mini world.
Such a difference is not only visible in India’s culture, heritage and lifestyle, but its travel attractions are equally diverse, making it an inviting destination. Etched in fascinating contrasts, these attractions are equipped with great tourism potentials that can offer a rich, experiential view to the travellers.
In a single journey, a traveller can cover the best and the striking contrasts of the country, provided he has enough time to complete this challenging task. In the one direction, there are daunting Himalayas that are perfect cool retreats; and in the other, there are numerous beaches lining the peninsular south India, acting as a tropical holiday paradise. Westwards, there are surreal golden deserts that host a colourful spectacle of royal lifestyle. Towards the east, the country has in it the widespread green mountains to lure the mind and heart of a tourist.

Seems exciting, isn’t it? Yes, there are so many different things to see, do and experience here and it can be accommodated in a single trip. But wait. The country is too big to be covered in a single tour. We are not saying this. Many frequenters who’ve been to India often suggest the fellow travellers to take pleasure in this destination in portions. This is due to the fact that a single tour to India is more of a hurried attempt to cover up the country’s rich cultural, historical, geographical and natural wonders. And tourists who avail this mega task sort of miss out the essence of the destinations covered. The nation that has so much to offer, that it becomes a challenging task to cover the country’s so many facets. 
So what’s the solution then? There is a way out through which tourists can gain a full experiential view and soak in the verve of an Indian destination through theme based repetitive tours. These special tours are created keeping in mind the visitor’s comforts and convenience terms of movements and destination’s potentials. Also, these experiential journeys allow them to interpret India in their own way. Unbound by the usual packaged deals, these itineraries are open to the visitor’s ideas or expectations on how he wants to make a tour worthwhile.
Many travel and tour operators also suggest foreign tourists to avail one of its exclusive destination or theme based India tour for the best experience in the country. These special itineraries accommodate the best possible experiences associated with a destination and offer visitors make the most out of the journey.
Even the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India is also promoting the campaign with a tagline; ‘Find what you seek’ inspiring the travel aficionados to continue travelling repeatedly here and gain the best of the country’s many destinations.

Through these repeated tours, a tourist understands its essence and develops a fond appreciation for the country. This special range of India Journeys brings the best of this country’s nature, culture, heritage, adventure and wildlife. The comprehensive itineraries created in order to provide a great experience to a privileged wayfarer in India.

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