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Beautiful amazing destinations Journeys India

Spirituality is India's soul, this country is famous for its spiritual prosperity around the world. People are also very spiritual and religious. Many saints and scholars from different religions have visited this country in search of spirituality from the first days. This is a country where religions like Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism and Buddhism have arisen. Apart from them, other religions such as Islam, Christianity etc. have equal respect in India. There are some incredibly beautiful travel packages in India that are located throughout the country. From the luxury place of the Himalayas to the ghats of  Ganga and many other holiday packages in India. This journey can through an unforgettable spiritual India tour Packages. These spiritual places are always rich with the audience. People of other religions can go to these places and learn about them. To ensure that the peace and aura surrounding these spiritual places, your inner soul will touch the visitors, the visitor can make a spiritual journey, as if they follow the faith. A spiritual journey of India can ultimately end the discovery of salvation and it can help you to connect with your soul.

Important Spiritual destination

India offers visitors many spiritual places Each region of the country has been blessed in some incredible beautiful spiritual places. Some of these spiritual places are located in breathtaking places. Some of the best places of Hindus are Haridwar, Varanasi, Kedarnath, Yamunotri, Jammu, Amarnath, Rameswaram, Tirupati etc. Varanasi is probably the most popular place of Hindus. For a long time, Varanasi's magnificent valleys attracted many travelers from around the world. The holy temples located along these ghats are always crowded with the audience. Hindus believe that after bathing in the sacred water of the river Ganga on Varanasi, they will be freed from all their past sins. Chaudhumu includes Kedarnath, Badrinath, Yamunotri and Gangotri, which are important spiritual places of Hindus.

Spiritual Destination for Buddhist Pilgrims

India is an important spiritual destination for Buddhist pilgrims. It is from this country that Buddhism was born and later spread to the rest of the world. Each year thousands of Buddhist followers from all over the world visited India in search of spirituality. Places like Bodhgaya, Vaishali and Nalanda are important Buddhist spiritual places such as Bodhgaya, Sarnath, Vaishali, Nalanda, Dharamsala, Sikkim, Tawang, and have been a part of the story of the rise of Buddhism in the country. The theologian, who is the headquarters of the Tibetan government's exile and his spiritual leader, the home of the Dalai Lama, has emerged as a Buddhist spiritual destination in the last few decades. For Sikhs, the Golden Temple in Amritsar and Hemkund Sahib are two of the most prestigious spiritual places. Two of the most popular spiritual places of Islam, Dargahji Ali in Mumbai and Dargah Sharif of Ajmer in Rajasthan. Both of these sites are very popular outside the world, even people of other religions have visited these two popular spiritual places. For Christians, the spiritual journey of Goa and Kerala can be a good option; There are some old and holy churches in these two states

Types of Journey 

This year thousands tourist er from all over the world under take many amazing journeys in India. These spiritual tours have been in existence since the beginning, every one of the tour that you can visit, can show you love and compassion. The best part of starting a spiritual journey for India is that you should not be a follower of any particular religion to go to these places. With spirituality, visitors will get rare opportunities to know the history of the origin of certain religions. Some popular spiritual trips in India are Rajasthan Tour Packages, Kerala Tour Package, India Travel Package, Honeymoon Travel Package etc. In addition to these popular trips, any person can visit spiritual India at any time. Depending on the interests of individuals, they can opt for a longer or short term spiritual journey, Southern India also provides some incredible spiritual place.

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Incredible India Tours – A dream Visit India Destinations

If a holiday feels at home then it is not worth it! A holiday in India provides an amazing, lively, varied and engaging experience in this way that makes Wonderland's magic again. Dubbed as the world's most multi-dimensional country, India is indeed a puzzle which is delectable and mysterious, which is in more ways than one. The vast expanse of the country offers many interesting places for the holiday. This is everything in India, with cold temples and thrilling forest reserves from sanded beaches and snow-fed hills. Providing adventure sports opportunities for those who love to keep adrenaline gushing from the hilly hills of Himachal and the Ganga.

To experience India and solve my mysterious travelers, there is a need to understand the history and cultural heritage of the country. Each state has its own character in India which can come back to the milestone in history. To glorify Goa, its architecture and culture is to be taken in Rajasthan for the Portuguese invasion, which is witness to the Mughal rule of monuments, diversity is actually binding and prosperous. A holiday in India also promotes the happiness of a shopkeeper. The country is given to artisans and artisans like elsewhere in the world. The variety of work and artistic talent remains unique. The work of these artisans is a reflection of their glorious past. A part of a rich and diverse culture, some very interesting holiday destinations are mentioned in the country and Lakshadweep is one of them. Sea exploration and water sports on the west coast make Lakshadweep an exciting and delightful place for travelers who love it. Impressive backwaters of Kerala also offer some exotic experience in house boats.
There is also the option to take a luxury train trip in the stronghold of Rajasthan. Specialized gourmet tours are also organized in the best restaurants in the country to make travelers interested in the rich Indian cuisine.Apart from this, by choosing the option for bold tracking options in Ladakh's beautiful Highland Desert, one can completely overcome the beaten track. In the north-east, India's best kept secret is with forested mountains, attractive tribal culture, green hills, rich wildlife and ancient monasteries. Yoga and spirituality also combines the mystic of India; Traveling around India to learn the art of traveler yoga and practicing yogic medicine. There are centers of yoga throughout the country and a deeper learner can recruit those courses which are in line with them. Apart from this, India is also a center for philosophy, meditation and learning and Varanasi is its nerve center. People go to Varanasi for self-realization through religious and spiritual means. In the form of India, the land of 'Sadhus' is termed as, in the Varanasi; the holy river is best seen on the banks of the Ganges. India is a clean mixture of sacred and modern beliefs. Therefore, enjoying the experience for one, enough to celebrate and fascinate.

For India's fascinating journey, retreat your senses and enjoy Indian holiday packages. For a better experience, partners with a destination management company and their journey to India’s stronghold are exceptionally pleasant and knowledgeable.

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Best tips for visiting the Golden Triangle Tour packages in India

When we found that the Taj Mahal is close to New Delhi, which was a way for us to fly for Air India for the United States and Canada, we were willing to travel it immediately, but we have a lot of questions:

Should you spend the length of time in the golden triangle?

We had a stopover on the way to America, during which we invested in an old Delhi afternoon, invested in Delhi at night and left for the airport the next morning.

On the return trip, we had a 5-night stopover, we reached late afternoon, spent the night in Delhi, went to New Delhi in the morning, then two nights in Jaipur and one in Agra (next to the Taj Mahal) is called the Golden Triangle Visited the sites. We invested last night in Delhi before returning to Paris the next morning.

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For the first time, we were unable to understand that to reach Jaipur at Jaipur, 245 kilometers from Jaipur and 205 kilometers from Agra to Delhi, it would take 5 hours to reach Jaipur for 270 km to reach Jaipur. The answer is simple: Despite the fact that there are freedoms, the fire from Delhi to Jaipur is sluggish because when you share roads with automobile of every size and size, both motor and Do not point to unmorrified, cows, donkeys and pedestrians who roam across the city, whenever there is a city, the distance from Agra to Delhi is less because there is no actual freeway with any animal or pedestrians on it. .
We found that the length of time actually taken by us was right. We did not have to run away and we had time to rest at the end of the day. The only thing we have not done is the shop (we are not consumers), but there were so many functions (and time) to do this, we wanted
Caution: The Taj Mahal does not open on Friday, so you should organize your check systematically, preferably avoid the weekend there.

Should you go alone or get a tour operator?

We were informed by many that we should have a personal organized tour. Keeping our age (sixty-sixty-year) in mind and we do not like to travel in groups, the option was in the middle of alone or searching for a private organized journey. I actually went to India before for myself for professional factors and had no desire for the inconvenience of looking for hotels, restaurants and trains and to find our way in basic form. After looking at the traffic in India, I did not consider driving. Our choice of a personal travel became excellent

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How do you find a tour operator?

We went on the trip advisor and I sent the demands to three companies at the top of the list, the same discussion I wanted in which the French guides for Jean Michel included were suggested to me, with a schedule and rate, Found favorable answers. I changed the travel plans for my needs and programs, and India travel sent us a new proposal. We had lots of exchanges during which many of my concerns were addressed and our visa was processed. Then we went into our account in half the quantity in India. We paid the balance on our arrival.

We both were very satisfied with traveling before and after traveling all over India. We were assigned a basic coordinator who satisfied us in the airport and took us to our hotel in a hotel with an assigned motorist who was really friendly and whose English, though not excellent, to interact with us was enough.

The guide joined us in the hotel and stayed with us for the rest of the day. The driver will be locked out of the place which we will check out and then later call us on the guide on our cell phone from the guide.

During the departure of the Golden Triangle, a regional organizer met us at every hotel and after reaching every destination a new guide will be added to us. We had very good Himalayan drivers. He was exceptionally qualified and I was never afraid of Indian traffic. He was actually going to share his vision of India with us and asked a lot of questions about France and Australia.

Guides or motorists will choose our lunch which was not included in the rate. There was no dinner, but there was a continuous food institution in the hotel. We personally had some of the fruit during the night and small times in our space.
The guide took care of buying tickets for various monoliths and we compensated him, he arranged for our elephant and rickshaw flight. They kept the beggar away and generally prepared to see our trouble free and pleasant. Similarly, we do not like the guide who took us near Fatehpur Sikri so that the next day a request for another guide for the Taj Mahal should be requested. Our guide in Jaipur was extraordinary.
The basic employer went with us to the airport on both occasions and provided us with formalities.
We went with the proposed hotels supplied from India Travel, with the proposed hotels, but we could choose a high classification so that we could have the desire to do this (of course with supplementary rate). The first tour was overview on the second trip and we were upgraded for a third time in a single suit. Breakfast was excellent and workers got it, it was just a "worn"

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What should you just see?
After this we compared them to India's travel events and requested several additional joints. That is what we came up with:
Old Delhi:
Jama Masjid, Chandni Chowk, Raj Ghat, a cycle rickshaw ride through the market and the Akshardham Temple (but not much on the journey program but we were very happy about it).
New Delhi:
Humayun's Tomb, Qutab Minar, Embassy Area, Federal Government Building, India Gate and Connaught Place.

Amber Fort and an Elephant's Flight, Shiromani Temple, Palace of the Winds, City Palace, The Observatory and Govind Dev Ji Temple.

Famous as a spiritual Hindu campaign website and in the oldest cities of India, Pushkar is definitely a place that you should not miss. Up to hours traveling through the long fair of the road; Attention of pilgrims to the banks of the holy Pushkar lake; And to find the Brahma temple, where Brahma was actually seen and dropped the lotus flower. These websites are essential to understand Pushkar's devotion and importance in the heart of Hindus.

Explained as 'the city of lakes and palaces', Udaipur is very beautiful to visit on your holiday in India. City Palace is not like any other place on earth. Architecture is attractive and 11 are all different inside the palace, but are equally sensational as one another. Generally described as 'Venice of the East', there is a strong performance art scene in the lake city of Udaipur.

The 'Blue City', along with its grand Mehrangarh Fort, is a picturesque paradise of the city along with Mehrangarh fort, Jaswant Thada (burial places of the royal family) and Umeed Bhavan Palace. The old city is a group of spectacular blue structures based on the city wall of the 16th century. A visit to Jodhpur will take you back in time in medieval India, with the smell of sun, lively sarees and ancient structures in every turn.

Reminiscent of Sahara Desert, Sam Red Dunes is an attractive addition to any India tour. Located on the edge of Thar desert outside Jaisalmer, the dunes spread romantic attraction and stunning shapes. The best time to see these tibes is either sunset or dawn. A camel or jeep safari in the dunes is an extraordinary experience. You will be able to move yourself into an era run by the kings. Jaisalmer is also a house for other forts of India, although it is a 'living fort' which is still more in use in reality.

Between Jaipur and Agra:

Fatehpur is with the Sikri Mosque

Chandni garden (which is closed in the evening!), Tajmahal in the morning, Agra Fort and Baby Taj (worth not only on the initial trip, but also the check).

Fast and dynamic colors!
On the streets stands Marigold flower market and spice stalls. You will be visiting many saints (holy people) in your sadhus. Some cities travel in colors, like the 'pink city' of Jodhpur or Jaipur above was shown. India is the rainbow of happiness and is one of the most colorful paintings on earth
Real Indian cuisine
The actual Indian food that you sample will take the flavor and aroma to the next level. Your palate will be in overflow! Active ingredients vary from area to region, your food will be filled with taste, it is easy to see why India is the capital of the world's spice.

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Do you need a visa? Can you request online at this?
For any unknown reason, you need to get an Indian visa before going to India for a night stopover and you can use the entire month only before your view. You also need a square passport photo. There is a site in every country that you have to use through. You cannot use directly for the consulate. We have made a lot of demand for the entire Visa experience because I have two passports and we were entering India two times in less than 45 days. Finally, everything worked, but we had to go to Paris to put us in our applications.
I recommend that you read my post and apply online after the start of a month's period. Descriptions are not always on the site

Which weather can you expect?

Our first visit was in mid-February. In the morning it was hot in Delhi but was not heavy and cooler. Our second viewing was mid-March. We were very hot in the middle of the day, especially in Jaipur and Agra For the Taj Mahal, for our 6.30 o'clock tour, I just need a long shirt, a cap is a must

Just how much will travel costs?
It included accommodation on the basis of double occupancy, buffet breakfast, rickshaw trip in Delhi and visit to elephant in Jaipur, mineral water throughout the day, regional guides and dinner in an Indian house, all the trips in the air-conditioned vehicle. The last night we had left for the distance, we had to travel.

Tipping is a way of living in India and we were really happy that the visit of India has given us its values. It made it very easy to tip over to planners, drivers, guides, belboys and so on.

I hope these suggestions will help you organize for the journey of India. You will find more information in the post below and I will be happy to answer any concerns in the comments section.

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